2 days to PAW18 – Open Studio 23

So, Thursday. Not a work day, my big free day to get the studio ready or almost or whatever I get to tbh. 8 pictures up and a realisation that I have so much art where can I put it all. Today was a day inspired by invention – two new hanging systems used based on product and / or beam direction relative to art.

So, let’s start with how the studio looks like to approach. I have yet to put up last year’s PAW flag or the new one for this year – Saturday morning probably as I will be working tomorrow on boats and then at Private View event.

I have my poster and own card info laminated. A duplicate of this can be found 400m away on the approach from Houns Tout Ridge path and also as walkers leave the walkers’ car park on the edge of Kingston village.

Entering the drive I have a Vistaprint lawn sign that welcomes people to my open studio. The attached notice gives dates and opening times – not noticed by the two ladies who visited today, only to find me hard at work.

The studio PAW Open Studio sign can now be seen more clearly. Yes, the house we rent offers me part of this great old building. If you like drystone construction, pegged roofing and flagstone floor then come and have a look.

The wildflowers are in abundance. The bluebells has gone and we have a sea of colour. Have some refreshments and sit in the garden to admire the surroundings, maybe draw your own picture.

So we enter the studio and ahead of you and on the left are my work from PAW17. All the pieces with the sheet behind them are from this time last year. Most pieces displayed are originals. Giclée prints are available for many of the pieces exhibited and cards.

Some of these items are NFS (Not for a Sale) and will be labelled as such. The “16 by 12″ framed pieces are originals at £100 except the Shore Road Beach Huts which is a giclée print at £35. The original was sold last year. The lower two 20″ by 16″ pieces are £150. The upper two pieces are £200. Prints in a cellophane wrapped mount are available for £50.

The long wall opposite the windows hosts original pieces in 16″ by 12” mounts and cellophane envelope. These all cost £100 and payment by cash, cheque or card are available. Pieces can be framed – ask for details.

The shelf will be reorganised before opening. On lower shelf units are some of my new series of smaller originals priced at £20.

The end wall display is incomplete, so see when you visit what has been added. Again originals in mounts are as other 16″ by 12″ originals. Some pieces are giclée prints at £25. The browsers on the left contain giclée prints. Colour in one browser and black and white pen and ink in the other. 16″ by 12″ at £25. 20″ by 16″ at £50.

The wall adjacent to my work area will be exhibited from Saturday.

Cards – a full carousel to select from. All cards in the carousel are £2 each or 3 for £5.

So, I have had a very busy day. I have had a full year producing many pieces of art and I look forward to your feedback, hopefully in person.

Thanks for reading.


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