PAW18 – day five

Late post, but today’s key points. Today I sought advice on our homing pigeon- feed, water, it will fly on or stay. Oh, or capture it and contact owner – I am not climbing on the roof so we will go with first solution, after all we feed the birds everyday anyway.

Damp start which cleared to misty conditions. First group to come in enticed from the gate with invite to dog and offer of dog treats. Next visitors had seen me and my work at Artisans on the Beach in December and come in search of “Swanage Pier” print.

But, not in the studio, checked my pics to locate it at Artisan Yard, but pause – two further purchases, Beach Huts and Corfe Castle from GPS surgery. Yes they did buy the third print and even commented on AndyKnillArt Fb Page. Gobsmacked, happy…artist in slight shock. A few more visitors but no more purchases today but much discussion of work, building, location etc.

My other idea for today was to draw a piece from one of several sailing photos from work colleague Suzie. So I chose one of her as a member of the crew onboard during Poole Regatta 2018, this last weekend. I was pleased with the outcome and finished it today and mounted in 20″by 16″ – very positive feedback so more water based sports to come.

Thanks for reading and. Feedback about posts from studio visitors.


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