PAW18 – day eleven

A dry day but breezier, cloud cover and cooler. What would today bring? In the end a number of people out walking -33 visitors, 3 dogs and some purchases.

The key joy today was sharing my art with others, talking technique and media. I started the day working on a 6″ by 4″ sailing commission for a client’s Father’s Day gift. I completed it using the remit and some extra research done yesterday. The client has since approved the work, so it is packaging and posting and invoicing to do. It felt good to complete this piece and modify it to client’s request. I did a little sketching today too of drystone wall concentrating on 100% accuracy.

I also hosted a meeting at my place with nipping out to see studio visitors today as well. the “Racing” piece continues to get reactions through social media. The drop in temperature this afternoon meant that closing up the studio was prompt. I have now displayed the two sailing pieces better. More interest in the Christmas card designs today and order process shared with interested visitor.

Five days still to go and I hope many more visitors. Yes, I would like to sell more work but the best bit is showing and getting feedback about my work. Maybe a little bit warmer again as it was too cold to sit outside for very long.

An example of research on Mirror dinghies for client’s piece.

Thanks for reading.


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