PAW18 – day twelve

Sunnier, hot at times, had to move chair into the shade even. A pretty quiet morning but things picked up this afternoon and 14 visitors with 5 dogs, so treats early and given out. Two of my visitors were fellow PAW artists – Lisa Stockley and Jessamy K.

Lots of compliments about my work, our location and the studio. Some card sales to end the day. I framed the commission that I mentioned yesterday. Then I did some additional research to my own photos as I am working towards doing an A3 sized piece to show the construction details of a Cornish Pilot Gig which I find fascinating. This is in the style of a pen and ink drawing I am inheriting from my Dad of a Viking longship.

So four days to go and again a reminder to myself to be patient, see who comes, sign their visit postcards and answer their questions if I can.

Thanks for reading


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