Enthusiasm abounds

Today I went for a walk and then lunch at Studland Bay on the Purbeck Coast with Anne. We walked through the dunes, heathers and gorse and then returned along the beach to the National Trust Knoll beach cafe. This is often the place where I have left items of napkin art previously with most pictures being of Old Harry rocks.

A good lunch and then yes, a napkin piece of Old Harry was left on the raised table by the window. I later posted about leaving it on Instagram and received a response that it was found by one of the National Trust staff, this is the second person on their team who has enjoyed finding one of these pieces.

This is the Instagram edited version, the full picture is a panorama.

So an art achievement, enough then?? No, as I had gone on an early walk this morning taking photos of drystone walls and frosted area pieces to use as inspiration. Also, this afternoon I have paid my PAW membership for 2019 and completed my Open Studio application and emailed my chosen brochure image.

PAW studio in the snow – March 2018.

I have also upgraded my Flickr membership to allow more cloud storage of images as they have become important as a way to keep a record of my art portfolio but also images that inspire or help me to develop pieces of art work.

A busy day and now some rest is warranted.

Day six, Saturday December 8th..

Today was the Rotary Christmas event in the centre of Swanage. You had to feel sorry for them based in the wind tunnel of Station Road while we were sheltered from the wind. We had a busy day at the huts and I shared my hand drawn suit. This was an idea I had last year but only recently found a suitable test suit – a decorating overall from a major diy company for £2. I have been adding to this gradually and it has ended the day as an exhibition bit in my hut.

Issues with said costume – limited movement so from 08:30 to 18:30 I was unable to sit down without a possible tear. This would have been easier had I not been out dancing last night. The colour work has weakened some of the surface so some internal parcel tape repairing. I have strong shoulders from rowing, getting the suit on and off proved difficult and needed assistance.

Best of all it was fun,I got noticed, I advertised my artwork and now. Want a more practical and longer lasting solutions l

Some pics

PAW18 – day sixteen and it’s all over

The weather was good and in fact got brighter as the day went on. A busy day for visitors and an original sold on the last day. I admit as I type this post that tiredness has kicked in.

I started the day by adjusting some of my signs so that I had signposted the concert held at Encombe House and distinguished it from my studio for Art. I don’t have to do this but after turning six cars back last year I thought it worthwhile.

Would the signing work?

Not entirely this year we redirected four cars, including the person transporting the soloist. The first visitors of the day were soon off to pack and off to Macchu Pichu – impressive. I targeted equalling last year’s total of 252 visitors. This was soon exceeded and a free greetings card went to visitor 252 and 253.

Canine visitor numbers have been lower this year with only 6 in the first week.We finished today on a total of 32, only 5 shy of last year.

So in total Open Studio 23 received 276 visitors in spite of our relatively remote location. I am pleased with this and obviously a great target for PAW 2019 – same place.

Last year my initial sales of £425 really encouraged me that my decision to try selling my art had promise. At Christmas over 6 Weeks of Artisans on the Beach I took £1000 and as PAW approached I just wanted to sell some art. It has been increasingly noticeable that art is not always selling as well as people spent their money more carefully. So would I be able to match last year. Well. I have taken somewhere in the region of £820, gobsmacked would be an appropriate term to be honest. Selling an original piece today was the icing on my cake. In 16 months I have now sold over £3000 of my artwork and am now confident to call myself #artist.

This afternoon we had a number of different friends over and it was great to share a sunny afternoon together.

In the coming weeks I look forward to posting about plans going forward. If you missed being able to visit and would like to see the studio contact me for a private visit.

Many thanks to all for your support, visits and purchases.


PAW18 – day fifteen, penultimate day

A day of warmth, then rain threatened, then warmth again. Over the day the studio had 22 visitors and now only needs 4 visitors on Sunday to equal the 252 from 2017. Dog (canine visitor) numbers have been lower this year but we still have plenty of treats to give out tomorrow.

Sales today included Flying Gull – a photographic card and a framed print of the studio in this year’s snow.

Old friends from Billericay, Essex where we lived before our move to Purbeck came today and it was great to catch up. I had a great day chatting with visitors about my work, colouring in and how lucky we are to live here (a common theme – but if you have visited you understand why, if not, well you know what to do).

So one day to go, a hugely successful PAW open studio experience for AndyKnillArt. A good number of visitors, possibly a new record tomorrow. Sales have far exceeded my wildest hopes and I will finish with over £700 in a fortnight. New ideas have come up for future work and possible avenues to explore. One thing is for certain I intend to be here in the same studio for PAW19 and hope to welcome you and many newcomers too. Not sure how I will exhibit all my art at the rate I have been producing it so far. Once we finish PAW I will blog a summative piece about highlights, work successes and possible future plans. Your views are welcomed especially if you have become a regular reader of my art posts. My work continues to be in the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham where I will need to be having a reorganisation of my bay. If you still wish to visit my home studio contact me for a private appointment.

Many thanks for reading and your support.


‘Tis the night before PAW18 – OpenStudio 23

Well I woke up thinking studio thoughts and was in there sorting at 6am for a couple of hours. The studio is ready, a few surfaces to tidy, oh and some labelling but essentially ready. No photos today – come and see for yourself.

A quiet day with the boats but a fe customers and some bailing and trying to work out what the weather was doing.

I then attended the PAW youth section for work in schools. A great range of displays and ideas. A nice celebration then the private view and bar duties. I had a chance to look round and saw lots more variety in works this year. Weary after a long day I headed home.

A quick check of the studio and tomorrow the real focus begins, being in my studio discussing my work with visitors.

Hope to see many of you guys over the next fortnight.

Thanks for reading.


2 days to PAW18 – Open Studio 23

So, Thursday. Not a work day, my big free day to get the studio ready or almost or whatever I get to tbh. 8 pictures up and a realisation that I have so much art where can I put it all. Today was a day inspired by invention – two new hanging systems used based on product and / or beam direction relative to art.

So, let’s start with how the studio looks like to approach. I have yet to put up last year’s PAW flag or the new one for this year – Saturday morning probably as I will be working tomorrow on boats and then at Private View event.

I have my poster and own card info laminated. A duplicate of this can be found 400m away on the approach from Houns Tout Ridge path and also as walkers leave the walkers’ car park on the edge of Kingston village.

Entering the drive I have a Vistaprint lawn sign that welcomes people to my open studio. The attached notice gives dates and opening times – not noticed by the two ladies who visited today, only to find me hard at work.

The studio PAW Open Studio sign can now be seen more clearly. Yes, the house we rent offers me part of this great old building. If you like drystone construction, pegged roofing and flagstone floor then come and have a look.

The wildflowers are in abundance. The bluebells has gone and we have a sea of colour. Have some refreshments and sit in the garden to admire the surroundings, maybe draw your own picture.

So we enter the studio and ahead of you and on the left are my work from PAW17. All the pieces with the sheet behind them are from this time last year. Most pieces displayed are originals. Giclée prints are available for many of the pieces exhibited and cards.

Some of these items are NFS (Not for a Sale) and will be labelled as such. The “16 by 12″ framed pieces are originals at £100 except the Shore Road Beach Huts which is a giclée print at £35. The original was sold last year. The lower two 20″ by 16″ pieces are £150. The upper two pieces are £200. Prints in a cellophane wrapped mount are available for £50.

The long wall opposite the windows hosts original pieces in 16″ by 12” mounts and cellophane envelope. These all cost £100 and payment by cash, cheque or card are available. Pieces can be framed – ask for details.

The shelf will be reorganised before opening. On lower shelf units are some of my new series of smaller originals priced at £20.

The end wall display is incomplete, so see when you visit what has been added. Again originals in mounts are as other 16″ by 12″ originals. Some pieces are giclée prints at £25. The browsers on the left contain giclée prints. Colour in one browser and black and white pen and ink in the other. 16″ by 12″ at £25. 20″ by 16″ at £50.

The wall adjacent to my work area will be exhibited from Saturday.

Cards – a full carousel to select from. All cards in the carousel are £2 each or 3 for £5.

So, I have had a very busy day. I have had a full year producing many pieces of art and I look forward to your feedback, hopefully in person.

Thanks for reading.


3 days to PAW18 – Open studio 23

So,a day on duty at the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street,Wareham – OpenStudio. 45 for PAW and second venue outside my own studio where work can be seen. I removed several pieces last week and today reorganised the bay and added some pieces that are more relevant to a Wareham site.

My duty was generally quiet and included people who had clearly looked for us before, but this time had located us. I sketched a bit and read after reminders from fellow Artisans that I have plenty of art at present.

The drawing above showed the view from my vantage point by the entrance where I got the benefit of the sun’s warmth and shade after too much sun on boat duties yesterday.

The back wall looks a little bare but I have new plans post PAW when I want to display work by location.

I am looking forward to a busy day in studio 23 tomorrow,sorting electrics, hanging more pieces and how best to use my card carousel, two browsers, window sills and display table to best effect.

I suspect there will be ongoing shuffling of work during the art fortnight. I am keen to offer visits to my studio post PAW by arrangement too.

Thanks for reading.


5 days to PAW18 – Open Studio 23

A busy busy day. Planned first task go to Rollington, but found object in car tyre, so Rollington via Swanage Tyres. All handed in ok and good to see more people that I know and recognise in my second year.

Then off to drop mower off for service and fixing so during PAW I can keep the grass so that it welcomes people. Once I got back it was time to rehang my background sheeting in the studio. Then using picture cord I have started to create my own hanging system in the studio. First six pieces hung. Then it was time to use borrowed mower. I love our garden and the approximately 5000 steps to mow the neater areas – more exercise.

So, the garden is looking better. The studio hanging of work is advancing. My work for Rollington Barn has been dropped off. So I just need to add to the studio each evening this week and use my day off on Thursday.

And yes, path needs weeding!

6 days to PAW18 – Open Studio 23

Sunday – a working day for my boat hand job. We were busy at times and steady at others but I did a lot of work which caught up later. On arrival home it was time to check my pieces for submission and display at Rollington Barn – the central exhibition area for Purbeck Art Weeks near to Corfe Castle on the Studland road.

First was to recheck the labelling requirements:

My original piece – requires new D-rings and picture cord. Its label is ready to be attached.

Five prints – each labelled including price.

60 cards – my name is printed on the reverse of my cards, but an additional sticker needed to price.

Subsequently, I have got ready my modified A6 business card / studio details. I have used two of these and laminated them with the addition of some handwritten / drawn points.

Tomorrow I must drop these off and then in the afternoon continue with my studio preparation. I feel relaxed and confident all will be ready for Saturday morning.

I didn’t refer to my studio mention on Purbeck Art Weeks social media feeds using a range of my recent pieces.

Thanks for reading.


7 days to PAW18 Open Studio 23

A week to go. So I was meant to head out early this morning for some errands, slept in after being awake at 5. Into Swanage where I took photographs of the sea mist and kayak fishermen out in the bay. Also Open rowing at Swanage Sea Rowing Club where I completed my errand. I also drew the gig being prepared to go out, stayed and had my first row on the water in a long time. I then started a picture of the pier activity in the mist. Both pictures are now complete and framed.

At home I framed 12 smaller pieces, completed the second picture and then moved some items in the studio.

A walk into the village (Kingston, Dorset) led to putting up my studio signs into, through the village and up to the walkers car park at the end of the village.

This evening on my way out I will put up one or two additional signs leading to the village.

I am pleased that I completed so much in the end and avoided watching a certain event in Windsor. Tomorrow is a boat shift and probably busy as it is a sunny Sunday. I may continue with hanging picture ideas once I return from work and will spend more preparation time on Monday when I also have to deliver my exhibition work at Rollington Barn. The barn serves as the central core gallery and venue for Purbeck Art Weeks, just outside Corfe Castle on the Studland road.

Thanks for reading.