Changes afoot …

Well if I haven’t chased my readers away with infrequent posts recently. I decided enough of my excuses I needed to up my game with my online presence. So I am restructuring the web site – all constructive feedback welcomed.

What lies ahead?

– Meet the artist events – i.e. come into the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham when I am on duty. I am there to promote the work of all of our Artisans. However, if I can answer questions linked to techniques and the media that I use then I will. Please note my art materials are not for sale as one gentleman tried recently but I can recommend stockists that I use.

– Christmas, yes that season that I would never have considered this early before becoming an artist, lies ahead and my #SantaOverPurbeck range of 4 card designs are now available from Bay H at the yard. I can also take orders by using the contact form in the menu options in the site header or email me direct at They retail at £2 each, or 3 for £5. Interests in commercial stocking or larger quantities (25 units plus will include price discounts).

-on Saturday August 25th I will have work for sale at a craft event in Wareham Town Hall. This will include my full card range of printed cards and a selection of original pieces and fine art prints of my work to date.

– In December I will be participating in Artisans on the Beach in the beach huts on Shore Road, Swanage as I did in 2017. I am on the committee to organise the event which will focus on being open from Friday to Sunday for the five weekends so that Artisans are all there. I will be open on additional weekdays, details to be given in November. If you would like to look at what is required and would consider putting an application in by the September 2nd deadline please see the Artisans on the Beach page on Facebook. We will have an event that develops from the previous events and yes “that” suit may make an appearance.

I will continue to develop new pieces. I have two events booked for Autumn 2019 but I will tell you about those in 12 months.

Artisan of the Year 2017

As part of the Artisans on the Beach event there were two events where Swanage TIC (Tourist Information Centre) awards certificates. The first competition was the standard of display and Bronze, Silver and Gold were awarded. I was not amongst them.

The second competition was Artisan of the Year. Not knowing the criteria we all went about our artisan lives as we wished. As my previous post showed I tended to show the more extrovert side of my character in the outfits that I chose and sometimes the almost hyper levels of energy I let off when not dealing with visitors / customers. I also tried to be supportive towards fellow Artisans and was a regular hots drink provider. I spent a lot of my time outside on the pavement area drawing / adding colour to new pieces of work and discussing what I was doing with passers by.

On Friday 5th January we were told the results would be announced. Down to 7 huts still open we gathered for tea and cake and when TiC arrived we challenged that if the winner was not amongst us they might go away. I wanted to win but really didn’t know what criteria they were using so didn’t expect to. I was wrong I did win and very proudly displayed my certificate and plaque until closing today (Sunday 7th) and will continue to display in my home studio.

Overdue post and 3… 2… 1…

Three days left of the six weeks of Artisans on the beach. I have really enjoyed this event for many reasons. I have been successful in selling my art; I have met and chatted to many others about the style and content of my work; I have encouraged young people to enjoy their art for themselves; I have met a wider range of Artisans and made new friends; I have been able to be extrovert in my fancy dress as Superpenguin and Mr Blue sky thinking; I have created many new pieces of work that have varied in size, detail and challenge in terms of content.

So the last three days, there is no urgency just a desire to be at my hut for as much time each day as I can. If I sell more, that would be lovely. The key thing is to have more chances to talk to new people and share what I do. I am going to miss the fresh air nature of the job and this will motivate me to get out for more walks and sketch trips until my boat job resumes.

So here are some images of my 2017/18 Artisans on the beach

Pre event preparation of my gift bags that customers took away purchases of cards or miniature /mini canvases in.

Adding to my black and white printed cards by hand colouring in a range of different colour ways. these have proved popular and especially the LandRover in the Studland Beach Design.

Santa over Swanage and Santa over Chapman’s Pool accounted for half of my card sales throughout the event so local Christmas card scenes proved extremely popular and I have already decided on some extra designs to add for Christmas 2018.

Playing to the extrovert side of my nature and three outfits or combinations that meant the Artisans were noticed:

– on cold days the penguin onesie soon to be named #Superpenguin when not being compared to a nappy.

– paddling in the sea and warmer days – blue sky thinking suit, also seen out on New Years Eve in Swanage and previously seen by members of The Swanage School in Autumn 2016.

– the ringing bells on my best Christmas sweater. Worn so I jingled as I moved or carried as a handbell for my artisan crier role in attracting the attention of pedestrians on the other side of Shore Road

Hut 54 – my artisan Home and although not a display winner, a veritable gallery of the work produced in my first 11 months as an artist.

All pieces produced during the artisan event. These ranged from pieces taking less than an hour to the fat-bike picture that was completed over two weeks. I have been very productive and sat outside the hut on many occasions drawing and working on pieces so that the public could see how my art is created. This led to many conversations both in terms of topic,artistic license and how to select what to include and what to leave out, my choice of media, topic and so on. Many pieces will be seen again in my open studio during Purbeck Art Weeks 2018 (PAW2018) in May/June.

Finally some moments- often with a sense of fun and the pigeons who came for crumbs every time we ate our lunches or other snacks. Two personal events cut across my time as an artisan but in each case I was able to return and fully integrate myself back into the event. The second was to be with my dad as he passed away on Christmas Day. He painted watercolours, produced immaculate copperplate hand scripted signs and made creative fancy dress costumes for myself and my siblings and was clearly part of my artistic inspiration.

I will remember this event for many things and I will be back for Artisans on the beach 2018/19. I hope to see you there.

Half way of Artisans on the beach

Hi, well three weeks of trading has gone by. I have sold a range of pieces and worked on developing more original pieces and hand coloured cards. The view from the Huts has generally been fantastic although the temperatures at times have been low with fresh breezes. I am enjoying the fresh air and in fact earlier this week I had to take a trip away and missed the fresh air each day and that great view out from the bay.

So what have I learnt so far:

I love this event as an opportunity to exhibit examples of my work

I like having the opportunity to sell examples of my work

The community of Artisans are generally very supportive to each other and help out with tape, scissors, cups of tea, sense of humour and I love being one of them

Talking to visitors is fun as it was for me during Purbeck Art Weeks earlier in the year.

Use the free time as the mood takes you – I have produced a number of pieces of work

In fact I already know I want to do this event in 2018 and subsequent years.

So today I finished my most complex piece of art to date. On Saturday December 2nd there is a global event for fatbike riders, not fat cyclists,their bikes which have wide tyres 3 to 4″ wide. They are commonly used on snow and sand, more the latter in Purbeck. A group gathered on the banjo pier and Charlie from the Bikemonger shop in town took a photograph at the start to record the participants. I asked if he could send me the photo and I would try to do the picture. Now this offered a challenge – a group of people (I include people a bit more but generally not in my work), bicycles, the local landscape and an audience who might appreciate a visual record (I wait to see). I have worked on this since and had a few days off here and there as the focus required has been great. The picture is done on an 80 by 30 cm canvas. I drew sections initially in fineliner pen and then used Promarkers for colour including some layered colours and blending.

Today I completed the piece and had it photographed by some friends including Dave Furmage a local cyclist and mechanic. While working on it many members of the public have stopped and asked about the subject matter, my technique and the pens that I use. This has been one of the best ways to show how my work is created.

I am having Andy Farrer, local photographer and printer give me quotes and print some examples of print copies and I then intend to auction the Original and donate 50% of the takings between two charities that are important to me -Parkinson’s UK and St Mungos. I have to organise the best way to do this and get it started.

Judge the image for yourself:

Into week two…..

of Artisans on the Beach at Swanage. Like Purbeck Arts Weeks earlier this year I have had a chance to talk to people about my art, how I got started, where the commercial side began and how I am developing. I get the privilege of people spending their money on my work. I also have lots of time to be creative and I have produced a number of pieces in a variety of styles to add to my portfolio.

I have gone from wearing shorts and sandals with bare feet, to warmer feet in socks and trainers to multiple layers and a onesie in order to stay warm. Best of all is the great camaraderie, support and sharing amongst the artisan community. Whether it be watching each others’ pitches to allow for comfort breaks or helping to put up decorations as I have a height advantage or sharing the making of hot drinks and sharing food treats. And… the sense of humour – an essential on breezy days when the thaw sets in.

So here are some of the activities from the last 9 days (7 Open and two “rest”!?! days.

Arise #superpenguin, also known as hyper Andy. As you can see fun while dressed warmly and filling in gaps where there are no customers. Creating Swanage’s Shore Road Penguin crossing; “falling with style” training poses, general mayhem but warm, crucially warm even when the sun disappears behind and to the west of the Beach Huts between 1.30 and 2 p.m. when the temperature plummets.

#artcardbombing… not incendiary, but a chance to sketch a quick drawing and leave it in a property for someone else to have, a free original art piece. So far – Coffee One, Poole; L’Artishe Gallery, Swanage; Java Independent Coffee House, Swanage; Lucy’s Farm, Swanage. Watch out in the days, weeks, … to come this is a pattern I wish to take further afield.

Art Workshop, Swanage – Wednesday group.This Autumn term we have developed our use of printing techniques with mono printing, relief printing using drawing inks. The last two sessions have been based on linocutting. I was fortunate to receive a larger piece of Lino and I created the above plate based on Corfe Castle. I have tried different ways of inking the plate and have been interested in the prints produced. Some may be appearing in mounts in week two / three.

As items of stock sell so the display in #hut54 varies. I have coloured additional hand coloured cards which have proved popular especially the Landrover at Studland Beach. Drawn original pieces on both paper and canvas. I try to do a lot of this creative work out sat in one of the hut’s green deckchairs so passersby can see the creative process. This leads to many chats about technique, subject matter and media.

Here are a selection of some original pieces created and showing the Santa theme popular in my new Christmas cards. The sunset was the one I saw as I drove home on Friday December 1st. Clearly Swanage seafront provides lots of material and a range of conditions to draw from.

This canvas set shows the progressive steps as a canvas “View from my hut” evolved over three days and is now complete and awaits a buyer.

An 80 by 30 cm canvas provides a clear talking point. I have just started a second based on the Global fat bike day group who gathered on Saturday 2nd December. It is a challenge I set myself and I look forward to. Sharing it with the participants, by far the largest group of people I have ever attempted to draw.

Finally examples of pieces that have been purchased so far:


two days into Artisans on the Beach and I have paid off the hut rental and just another £6 will see my daily parking fees covered for the six weeks too.

Yes, I am very pleased with how the event has started. I have learnt valuable lessons – it’s too cold for sandals and bare feet now in 8C or below and a coastal breeze. Food is a great trade between hut holders. Knowing more people in the town pays off in terms of knowing visitors beforehand.

Main sales are cards including the very popular Santa over Swanage new Christmas card. I have sold one miniature and a framed print today.

Now a break for other jobs to do then back on Tuesday and I need to top up Santa… stocks and hand-coloured cards especially for Cromer and Studland.

3 …..

days to the opening of Artisans on theBeach, Swanage. Today it is Thursday and stock, tools, tables, tinsel sorting for set up on Friday / Saturday.

We will all open at 12 p.m. onSaturday with a grand opening with the Town Crier so bells and pizzazz. Apparently Santa is on his way to.

So, Hut 54 andAndyKnillArt, what do I have to offer?

My product range starts with:


Printed £2 each (3 for £5)

A variety of designs including black and white pen and ink work and colour pieces of Swanage developed alongside the Tourist Information Centre. Photographs of Hungry Hare (Morris outside eating our lavender) and Flying Gull skimming the surface of Swanage Bay.

All cards are blank for your own greetings. Flying Gull is 8″ x 4″, all other cards are 7″ x 5″. Each card comes in a cellophane wrapper with envelope.

**NEW Christmas designs**

Santa over Swanage and Santa over Chapman’s Pool. These are the first of a new seasonal series of works for Christmas in Purbeck.

Hand coloured cards

£3 each (2 for £5)

Some have expressed to see some of my black and white printed cards in a coloured version. I am not averse to adding to cards I buy and the black and white pen and ink cards could be used to colour in your own way – these are ones that I have done additional work on. Each is an individual colour scheme so no two are identical.

Original hand drawn art cards

£4 each (3 for £10)

These cards are individually drawn and coloured. I keep a record of all work produced so that each card is original and a design is not duplicated. Essentially these are 7″ by 5″ original pieces of art which can be sent as a card or framed to display.

Tomorrow on 2 ….. my canvases – miniature and small – again all are original pieces of art.

On 1 …… my original and fine art quality prints at A4, A3 and panoramas. Plus prints of Flying Gull and Hungry Hare.

I will be developing new Art every day when at hut 54, feel free to drop by, see what I am doing, chat, draw together – that’s how I got started (6th December 2016 I drew my first commercial piece Swanage Beach Huts).

4 …

days to the opening of Artisans on the Beach.

So I will be selling a range of my art all of which has been produced within the last 12 months. I take payments in cash but I also have a card reader so I can take contactless, PIN based cards or Apple and Android payments. Minimum sale for card use is £5.

I moved to Purbeck in August 2016. Most of my work is inspired by the local area. I do my original drawings live or from photos that I have taken so that the image idea is mine. I will be producing new pieces in / in front of hut 54 throughout the six weeks. If you would like to commission a piece of work please speak to me.

The hut will have a visitor book available for comments please note something down for me, it is useful to receive feedback.

Some of my cards are also available from Swanage Tourist Information Centre – they were my first customers earlier in 2017 and commissioned work too. I have sold work to buyers in Qatar, Belgium and Germany as well as locally.

I look forward to meeting you.