Enthusiasm abounds

Today I went for a walk and then lunch at Studland Bay on the Purbeck Coast with Anne. We walked through the dunes, heathers and gorse and then returned along the beach to the National Trust Knoll beach cafe. This is often the place where I have left items of napkin art previously with most pictures being of Old Harry rocks.

A good lunch and then yes, a napkin piece of Old Harry was left on the raised table by the window. I later posted about leaving it on Instagram and received a response that it was found by one of the National Trust staff, this is the second person on their team who has enjoyed finding one of these pieces.

This is the Instagram edited version, the full picture is a panorama.

So an art achievement, enough then?? No, as I had gone on an early walk this morning taking photos of drystone walls and frosted area pieces to use as inspiration. Also, this afternoon I have paid my PAW membership for 2019 and completed my Open Studio application and emailed my chosen brochure image.

PAW studio in the snow – March 2018.

I have also upgraded my Flickr membership to allow more cloud storage of images as they have become important as a way to keep a record of my art portfolio but also images that inspire or help me to develop pieces of art work.

A busy day and now some rest is warranted.

December 10th and 11th – away from the beach.

Monday – duty day at the yard and far busier than I had expected. I spent the morning resolving an accounting issue from Saturday’s busy duty. Jobs for myself included updating my card stock listing and framing three new print copies – two for the yard and one for the beach. I also added d-rings and hanging cord to another framed print. Some pen tray resorting and that was about all I found time for.

Tuesday – collected new stock items of Santa over Wareham Quay cards. We then travelled into Weymouth and visited Acutts a workwear specialists where I bought a white boiler-suit for my next art on clothing challenge.

Conversations while travelling include ideas on extending the “Santa over …” range in 2019. Also I am going to get organised with Etsy and online sales for 2019 and see how this goes after several requests lately to look at my online catalogue of my work for potential customers.

Sorting my garage out as it is being used for a filming project on Friday and last chance really for me to prepare it, I will miss this as I will be at the hut.

So from Wednesday 12th I will be at hut 54 from 10 to 4 pm each day and until 7 pm on Saturdays subject to customers. This is the longest stint for 2018. I also get a chance to do more drawing and work creation and enjoy watching the sea.

Day six, Saturday December 8th..

Today was the Rotary Christmas event in the centre of Swanage. You had to feel sorry for them based in the wind tunnel of Station Road while we were sheltered from the wind. We had a busy day at the huts and I shared my hand drawn suit. This was an idea I had last year but only recently found a suitable test suit – a decorating overall from a major diy company for £2. I have been adding to this gradually and it has ended the day as an exhibition bit in my hut.

Issues with said costume – limited movement so from 08:30 to 18:30 I was unable to sit down without a possible tear. This would have been easier had I not been out dancing last night. The colour work has weakened some of the surface so some internal parcel tape repairing. I have strong shoulders from rowing, getting the suit on and off proved difficult and needed assistance.

Best of all it was fun,I got noticed, I advertised my artwork and now. Want a more practical and longer lasting solutions l

Some pics

December 4 – a non artisaning day, well …

I have allocated two days at the start of this season of Artisans on the Beach to have days with Anne, my wife. So no artisan tasks, well not exactly.

Today I posted on our accounts which huts would be open and when. We shopped for additional fitments for the hut – battery lights, a rod to suspend them in the porch, suction hooks to hold up my AndyKnillArt banner. Then I have added information on opening hours to template and printed and laminated these for all huts I have information for. These will be fixed on tomorrow.

I took various items from the Purbeck Artisan Yard yesterday which I will display at the hut, although tomorrow’s forecast is wet to wetter, but I shall be there all the same. Some art time including working on my second new fancy dress outfit for this year whichI want to use this weekend.

Some down time too so not all work based.

Tomorrow hut news…

December 3rd – Artisan-ing elsewhere

So as a member of the Purbeck Artisan Yard I do duties each month. My December duties have been fitted around my Artisans on the Beach commitments. I started this morning by posting for the Beach about whose huts would be open today. One of our aims this year is to be mindful that visitors wanting to know which hut is open and when so that they do not have a wasted journey. So we are addressing this in two ways.

Each artisan has completed a schedule of their opening times and I am producing a neat version of each which will be printed and laminated, then stuck outside every hut. Not all of our customers are on social media so we need a more immediate way to check too.

On our social media accounts I am then going to post daily about which huts are open or are weekends if any huts will not be open. We have already had feedback to some of the Artisans about the event pre publicity and how the profiles on Facebook and Instagram have attracted them to visit as there are products they are interested in. The profiles that we have run already will be added to across the event too.

I am going to share my profile as an example.

So each profile follows a common format. It would identifies the artisan, their hut and then I have used the text from their application and edited it into the third person. For some profiles as contacted people to add some additional information. The text is accompanied by photos submitted and in some cases images I found researching them online.

My profile includes pictures of me from previous event as my outfits are part of how I attract attention to my own work but to the event as well.

In the weeks running upto the event I produced a profile daily for 36 Artisans so it has been a big commitment to follow through on.

My day at the Artisan Yard was reasonably quiet, but I worked on admin for the beach event and also did more work on wooden boxes which I will feature in a separate post showing the range of items I am producing to try and get original artwork out there in the community.

Tomorrow is also a day off for the first two weeks and officially is a non artisan day but will also include buying more frames,preparing items for Wednesday when I shall be back on the seafront.