Changes afoot …

Well if I haven’t chased my readers away with infrequent posts recently. I decided enough of my excuses I needed to up my game with my online presence. So I am restructuring the web site – all constructive feedback welcomed.

What lies ahead?

– Meet the artist events – i.e. come into the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham when I am on duty. I am there to promote the work of all of our Artisans. However, if I can answer questions linked to techniques and the media that I use then I will. Please note my art materials are not for sale as one gentleman tried recently but I can recommend stockists that I use.

– Christmas, yes that season that I would never have considered this early before becoming an artist, lies ahead and my #SantaOverPurbeck range of 4 card designs are now available from Bay H at the yard. I can also take orders by using the contact form in the menu options in the site header or email me direct at They retail at £2 each, or 3 for £5. Interests in commercial stocking or larger quantities (25 units plus will include price discounts).

-on Saturday August 25th I will have work for sale at a craft event in Wareham Town Hall. This will include my full card range of printed cards and a selection of original pieces and fine art prints of my work to date.

– In December I will be participating in Artisans on the Beach in the beach huts on Shore Road, Swanage as I did in 2017. I am on the committee to organise the event which will focus on being open from Friday to Sunday for the five weekends so that Artisans are all there. I will be open on additional weekdays, details to be given in November. If you would like to look at what is required and would consider putting an application in by the September 2nd deadline please see the Artisans on the Beach page on Facebook. We will have an event that develops from the previous events and yes “that” suit may make an appearance.

I will continue to develop new pieces. I have two events booked for Autumn 2019 but I will tell you about those in 12 months.

PAW18 – day sixteen and it’s all over

The weather was good and in fact got brighter as the day went on. A busy day for visitors and an original sold on the last day. I admit as I type this post that tiredness has kicked in.

I started the day by adjusting some of my signs so that I had signposted the concert held at Encombe House and distinguished it from my studio for Art. I don’t have to do this but after turning six cars back last year I thought it worthwhile.

Would the signing work?

Not entirely this year we redirected four cars, including the person transporting the soloist. The first visitors of the day were soon off to pack and off to Macchu Pichu – impressive. I targeted equalling last year’s total of 252 visitors. This was soon exceeded and a free greetings card went to visitor 252 and 253.

Canine visitor numbers have been lower this year with only 6 in the first week.We finished today on a total of 32, only 5 shy of last year.

So in total Open Studio 23 received 276 visitors in spite of our relatively remote location. I am pleased with this and obviously a great target for PAW 2019 – same place.

Last year my initial sales of £425 really encouraged me that my decision to try selling my art had promise. At Christmas over 6 Weeks of Artisans on the Beach I took £1000 and as PAW approached I just wanted to sell some art. It has been increasingly noticeable that art is not always selling as well as people spent their money more carefully. So would I be able to match last year. Well. I have taken somewhere in the region of £820, gobsmacked would be an appropriate term to be honest. Selling an original piece today was the icing on my cake. In 16 months I have now sold over £3000 of my artwork and am now confident to call myself #artist.

This afternoon we had a number of different friends over and it was great to share a sunny afternoon together.

In the coming weeks I look forward to posting about plans going forward. If you missed being able to visit and would like to see the studio contact me for a private visit.

Many thanks to all for your support, visits and purchases.


PAW18 – day fifteen, penultimate day

A day of warmth, then rain threatened, then warmth again. Over the day the studio had 22 visitors and now only needs 4 visitors on Sunday to equal the 252 from 2017. Dog (canine visitor) numbers have been lower this year but we still have plenty of treats to give out tomorrow.

Sales today included Flying Gull – a photographic card and a framed print of the studio in this year’s snow.

Old friends from Billericay, Essex where we lived before our move to Purbeck came today and it was great to catch up. I had a great day chatting with visitors about my work, colouring in and how lucky we are to live here (a common theme – but if you have visited you understand why, if not, well you know what to do).

So one day to go, a hugely successful PAW open studio experience for AndyKnillArt. A good number of visitors, possibly a new record tomorrow. Sales have far exceeded my wildest hopes and I will finish with over £700 in a fortnight. New ideas have come up for future work and possible avenues to explore. One thing is for certain I intend to be here in the same studio for PAW19 and hope to welcome you and many newcomers too. Not sure how I will exhibit all my art at the rate I have been producing it so far. Once we finish PAW I will blog a summative piece about highlights, work successes and possible future plans. Your views are welcomed especially if you have become a regular reader of my art posts. My work continues to be in the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham where I will need to be having a reorganisation of my bay. If you still wish to visit my home studio contact me for a private appointment.

Many thanks for reading and your support.


PAW18 – day fourteen

The sun came out, it was dry and plans for paperwork disappeared very quickly. I started my studio day slightly early and tidied up my workspace. Then I decided to add some hand -coloured cards as the others had all sold.

When I first ordered cards last year I produced several pen and ink in black and white designs. I have been challenged about colour versions and have blogged about producing hand-coloured versions before. I continue to keep a photographic record so in essence each one is an original piece of work.

These are the ones I produced this morning. I enjoy the adding colour but also the ideas behind them.

The first is my Cromer groyne picture and a colourful sunrise.

The second is another card in the growing collection of endangered animals – this time the giraffe.

The third is Durdle Door, people have praised the simplicity of this design and I thought a link to risk and outdoor pursuits fitted.

A stormier feel was called for with Stair Hole at Lulworth.

Finally and also from Lulworth Man O’War bay and the presence of drones -now supposedly banned.

The remainder of the day included showing visitors around the studio, some refreshments and plenty of chat.

In the two days left, 26 visitors will equal the numbers from last year. I hope that we have dry and sunny weather and that I can chat to more visitors.

Thanks for reading


PAW18 – day thirteen

A good day. Slightly wet at first this morning but after I had already seen a young hare and a deer behind our garden I went into Swanage to post the commission piece. Back at the studio I cut some grass and took some photos of a bee entering a foxglove -not the best pics but taken with an iPad and something I could try drawing at some point.

This was a good reminder that our garden offers opportunities to draw drystone walls, a wide variety of plants and trees and some great wildlife. It’s on a list to work up to and I have taken many photos as source material to help me.

Today however my focus was to be a large picture of a rowing gig boat. During PAW 17 I had drawn a piece of the Swanage rowing regatta fleet that showed some of the structure of these traditional clinker built wooden boats. Yesterday I had gone through various photos I have taken and some online research too. However, whenever I got near trying to draw one I backed off. I could opt to use pencil to start a piece for a change but I did t want to change my ink first method.

Last night before a meeting I was attending I put together a sketch and produced a smaller version of what I wanted to draw. It went well so I now had an example to work from.

It took five attempts to get an outside form that I was happy with and to pace myself with so that the spacing between the seats was correct.

Starting with the stern and then working along the starboard side of the boat I developed the framing of the boat.

Some of the features overlapped so I decided that as some clubs have painted seats I would do this to hide some of the overdrawing.

I then coloured the rib structure of the boat n a darker brown than I would use for the planking – I used Promarker Cinammon.

I could have stopped at this point but I wanted to colour the planking too so I used a lighter Sandstone marker for this. Before adding the colour I drew in additional ribs and marked on the position of all of the copper nails.

I have then mounted and framed the piece and it now stands in the studio ready for sale. It is a 20″ by 16″ frame. I am not going to make a print of this so will just sell it as an original work. If you are interested please contact me via the form on the website menu or directly on

I am pleased with the piece of work, the worries before doing it showed me how much I wanted this piece to be right.

Around the work above I also had some visitors and an online order for 20 blank greetings cards. My two online invoices, both paid already meant I took money today.

I would also like to thank Lisa Stockley, fellow PAW artist and #promarkerartist for bring Harvey up to the house, a great visit.

Thanks for reading


Three days to go. . .

PAW18 – day twelve

Sunnier, hot at times, had to move chair into the shade even. A pretty quiet morning but things picked up this afternoon and 14 visitors with 5 dogs, so treats early and given out. Two of my visitors were fellow PAW artists – Lisa Stockley and Jessamy K.

Lots of compliments about my work, our location and the studio. Some card sales to end the day. I framed the commission that I mentioned yesterday. Then I did some additional research to my own photos as I am working towards doing an A3 sized piece to show the construction details of a Cornish Pilot Gig which I find fascinating. This is in the style of a pen and ink drawing I am inheriting from my Dad of a Viking longship.

So four days to go and again a reminder to myself to be patient, see who comes, sign their visit postcards and answer their questions if I can.

Thanks for reading


PAW18 – day four

Another poor weather forecast that didn’t all materialise. Rain this morning but time for local wildlife indoors and out.

First improvement for me -a better night’s sleep. Woke and watched three brown hares playing chase in and through the garden jumping over the wall into the woods and then reappearing. I have heard from visitors in the last few days how some of them have never seen a hare except in pictures which just reinforces how lucky we are.

We put out food for the birds at home and we have gained a regular crowd of pheasants and partridges from the estate. Now we even get pheasants tapping on the window for their breakfast and as this picture shows eating while we put out the food and water.

The butterfly flew into the house as I brought the bird food back inside before opening up. Outside the studio we have a wildflower area which is entirely natural, we just enjoy it. I did a bit more work on my large drawing of this area. Currently we have Campion and Buttercups.

The other natural star of today was a homing / Racing pigeon which settled in the garden for a while. While looking distinctly different from the feral and wood pigeons it settled on the drive. When we tried to check its rings it kept flying back o to the roof but seems to have gone this evening.

So, you thought PAW was just about art… but as artists of course we are always looking at our surroundings. 8 visitors today including repeat visitors from PAW17. Most had come especially to see my work . Cards sold and lots of discussion of my work and how it has developed.

When it got quiet this afternoon I took the opportunity to get my rowing machine out in the fresh air and did some exercise too.

So tomorrow we will wait again and see what visitors come… as my last visitors said today I am clearly having lots of fun doing my art and PAW offers me a chance to share that with my visitors.

Most visitors are taking away my free postcards so that they might find the Purbeck Artisan Yard too.

Thanks for reading


PAW18 – day three

Well in 2017 my biggest sale was on day two when I sold a print of the beach huts. My realistic non pressured sales target for 2018 as a whole is to “sell some art”. So selling two prints sounds like a reasonable aspiration for 2018.

Yesterday I sold an original, admittedly to my brother in law but no nepotism involved and it joins a print of Hungry Hare which he was gifted by my sister last christmas. So this morning I was on a high already.

Again a May bank holiday that was proving to be hot. my aim to stay in the shade more. I started the day developing an A3 piece of the wildflower area in front of the studio, no rush I will work on this gradually and share it when done.

Some visitors arrived and cards were bought and compliments made about my work. Then a friend came up with some small wooden boxes he has been developing and I said he could see how they sold, well while we were talking a couple arrived and bought one there and then. They also bought my second original sale! This time of the sunset over Houns Tout and Swyre Head that I had photographed and drawn last December on the way back from a shift for Artisans on the beach.

Then it was time for my mother in law to come to visit the studio, she recently bought the original of the studio in the March snow.

She then proceeded to buy the second of the wooden boxes for my wife – this craft sales idea is going well. This afternoon Dave Furmage mobile cycle mechanic and mate dropped by with some of his craft that I had also sold during Artisans on the Beach made from recycled bike parts.

So totals so far:

58 visitors

2 original pieces sold

26 cards sold

Let’s see what the week brings …

Thanks for reading


P.s. I have added a picture of me working to the About page and made the point on the Store page that this is not an aspect I am currently not finding time to set up, so if you see anything in this blog or on the Facebook AndyKnillArt page or my instagram andy.knill account that you like e-mail me as I can always invoice you for BACs or online card payments.

PAW18 – Day Two

Well, an early start today. Not intentionally but woke at 04:00 and never managed to get back to sleep. Having this sort of view makes it a joy. Early thundery showers cleared and the day became absolutely gorgeous and definitely a beach day so I as not surprised to see no people for a long time. Just before lunch I received a visit from Sarah of Ten and Six (also trades at Purbeck Artisan Yard, Wareham). Great to show my studio to a fellow collective artisan.

This morning I had made a new cardboard sign like last year’s to encourage visits and dog owners, well that was the theory.

Then this afternoon I suddenly had a visit from a group out walking and there were 15 people in the studio, no purchases but it was great to host more people. Finally I had a repeat visit from a couple who came yesterday. They selected Looking Up At Wintery Sky as a print and some cards then changed to have the original, much to my pleasant surprise. I was able to frame the picture to match a Hungry Hare Print they already have. Now I have d-rings and picture cord I was able to make their piece ready to hang.

Also today I drew a dip pen and drawing ink piece of the studio too.

So a great end to day two.

Current bestselling card is “Looking East” with 3 sold.

More news tomorrow.


PAW18 – Day 1

A wet start to the day, well admittedly very early it was wet but deer and hares were out to play. Well, it felt really quiet at times even in the number of walkers passing. 21 visitors in total. Some who had been last year,some who were just passing. The disappointment was that we had no canine visitors.

I printed off label design last night and have started to label all the options around the studio. My new flag is pinned outside the studio. Today’s weather was better than expected so I spent a lot of time sat in the sun reading and relaxing.

Today’s purchases have been cards – a range of designs.

So what will tomorrow bring?

Label example.